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hello ! welcome to my blog ! ^,^


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1st of all...this is my friends's photo that are already be edit by me....
to me all my friends are my best friends...but..they are not only best friends..they are..
friends are and tomorow.....and i have percious memory with them...

maybe to them I'am not a frinds that has to remember..
but to me...they are friends that I really..really care..
maybe u gays can maybe just want to attract people to read my blog..
but to not like that..
I don't know why..must today I want to write all of this...
why not in first post in my blog?
because I'm a fool....
I not see how friends ship we are on that day..
but trust me...
to me all of u are my best friends....

"maybe this is because I'm a fool
it is okay even when i got hurt
even when other say that is useless friends ship
it doesnt matter because I'am fall for all of u.."

"I was nice to u because i want to
I will just stay next to u like this
since it's a happy friends ship for me just giving
i don't need anything in return"
"even if u will leaves me without good bye
ill let u go and say thank you..cause want to be my friends"

another my long best friends taht are not in picture:- Muhd Fauzan,Ayu Syahuni,Zikri
thanks because want to be my best friends......